My Gift

When Gift was young, (age was displayed by a hand marked at just above the knee) She lost both her mother and father. She now lives with her Agogo (grandmother). Recently she has been sneaking out and disappearing for days at a time!! I was sitting with her Agogo hearing this when Gift walked by… Continue reading My Gift

The story of Nkhata Bay, Malawi, Central Africa. 

The majie(water) has been chakujewla(off) for nciku(couple days) now, it should have wafeka(come back) chakuyatsa(on) ooka (here) zulow(yesterday) masanna(afternoon), but it’s uolace(lazy).  They keep saying once I’m here for a year I will be fluent in the Chitonga language. It’s funny, only Tonga people are saying that. Even Tonga people will tell you it’s an… Continue reading The story of Nkhata Bay, Malawi, Central Africa.