So long it seems. I feel like I have been in Africa for a lifetime. Every part of me feels older. My knees sure, but also my heart. So many times we as people can open or lives to someone only to be completely blindsided and left questioning why. I know that many will agree… Continue reading Alice 

Gift stays

The sky was still dark. I could hear her cleaning her room. I sat at my desk with my head in my hands contemplating the ramifications of what I wanted verse what is best. Summers break is over now. Only 2 weeks. Kids go to school year round with 2/3 weeks break between the terms.… Continue reading Gift stays

Coming home

After 3 days of travel I made it home from Malawi, Central Africa! And boy were my arms tired! 😉 I had amazing flight companions and my trip was incredibly blessed! Thank you everyone who prayed for me!  Walking to baggage claim was the beginning of dream land. Am I really here? Candice Hudson Mary… Continue reading Coming home


Not for the faint of heart. The day started well. It’s final tests for Gift to pass standard 6 and move on to summer break! I took my morning to make Gift a hot bath and also make sure she (and the neighbours girls) had a good breakfast so they were focused. Testing today is… Continue reading Horror


When coming back from a trip to Muzuzu, my comrades said, “I say, Teneil? Could you mind maybe, if we could just stop for a little bit, in the town just here? We was thinking that we could maybe get some relish, it’s really very inexpensive, up just here.” Relish is the term used for… Continue reading Chicken