A dream

The room is no bigger than a bedroom, brightly lit by one wall of windows. The wall is slightly curved to allow a full view of Lake Malawi and even further of to the east Mozambique (on a clear day). The first thing one would notice after the windows in this oddly shaped room, is… Continue reading A dream


When she was 7 she was hit by a car. The car took her leg mid thigh and caused significant damage to the other leg. She is 12 now. She has come several times to play, but it’s not culture here to ask about her suffering. Yesterday Gift told me that Deja burned her leg… Continue reading Deja


So long it seems. I feel like I have been in Africa for a lifetime. Every part of me feels older. My knees sure, but also my heart. So many times we as people can open or lives to someone only to be completely blindsided and left questioning why. I know that many will agree… Continue reading Alice 

Gift stays

The sky was still dark. I could hear her cleaning her room. I sat at my desk with my head in my hands contemplating the ramifications of what I wanted verse what is best. Summers break is over now. Only 2 weeks. Kids go to school year round with 2/3 weeks break between the terms.… Continue reading Gift stays