Coming home

After 3 days of travel I made it home from Malawi, Central Africa! And boy were my arms tired! 😉 I had amazing flight companions and my trip was incredibly blessed! Thank you everyone who prayed for me! 

Walking to baggage claim was the beginning of dream land. Am I really here? Candice Hudson Mary Kay affirmed I was indeed home with a large neon sign held high above her head! What an awesome friend! I stepped outside and took a deep breath in.  Not the slightest hint of goat, just the sweet smell of Colorado.  Later on her car I was overwhelmed by her gifts!!! Cookies, cheese!, a slushy drink, sweets… bags of snack food!!!! Now that’s a way to greet a girl who’s been living in Africa for almost a year! I love you sweet sister!!!! She drove me over the mountain while while I told her story’s around a mouth full of beef jerky. Over to Silverthorne and my next blessing.  Waiting to take me the rest of the way up the mountains was my mom, Tarryn Jayne. That fist hug reaffirmed I was living in a dream. Sadly I said good night to Candis and made my last baggage transfer! Another 3 hours climbing up into the mountains, still clinging to my beef jerky.  And just like that, home. The house I grew up in. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes and allowed my mind to rush through memories. 

Had a difficult time removing my arms from around my dad, Tim Jayne. It was late, after 11pm but there was such an excitement in the air! I got to work unleashing gifts from within my luggage! A mess of trinkets quickly filled every available surface. Lots of ooos, ahhhs, and stories. Until our bodies were to tired to continue. 

I slept till 8:30! Which means nothing to me, considering the complete opposite time change! In the morning I took my first hot shower! I put on an old dress and walked through my dream. I poured ice cold half and half with white sugar into a cup o hot real coffee. I was home? Wait… I was ever in Africa??? Which life was a dream? I remembered Gifts laugh but could also hear my mom’s laughter at the same time. Neither was a dream? My life is THIS blessed?! 

Pamela Stewart and Allen Stewart are in town for a visit and I am so blessed by their presence in my families life!  

A trip to the groceries store and I was giddy like a child! Brussels sprouts! Dairy! Look at all the pickles!!! Over to the bakery I found a loaf of seeded artisan bread, I closed my eyes and deeply inhaled the sweet nutty flavour.  The smell of poppy and sunflower seeds mixed perfectly with the sweet white baking flour was to much for my happy place and my face started leaking to relieve the pressure. 

Later at home I ate a whole container of cottage cheese and half a turkey sandwich before my stomach began to beg for it’s wellbeing.  Lucky for my tummy I stopped with 2 pickles left. 

A nice walk with my mom and Pam, felt great on my body and mind. A small rain shower hit the hot dirt making the air sweeter than bakery bread. It finished quick but left the sweet Colorado rain smell for me to get lost in.

Tara Mahaffey came by and planted a big hug combined with a care package for Malawi! I had never formally met Tara and I was again overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. I’m sure I cried, because that is my super hero power. We had an awesome visit! I pray to see her again before I go. 

Elk steak for dinner! Oh MOMMA! How I missed elk! I hugged my mom and we both lingered for a moment before I crawled into bed. 

My life IS a dream, but not a current one. It is a dream I had always had. A fantasy life filled with Jesus, adventure, love, appreciation, awe, wonder, miracles, friends, family, and good bread! Thank you Lord for teaching me how to be strong. Thank you Jesus for delivering me into this life. Thank you Lord for teaching me how to love and live. Most of all thank you, sweet Father, for your company.

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