Not for the faint of heart.
The day started well. It’s final tests for Gift to pass standard 6 and move on to summer break! I took my morning to make Gift a hot bath and also make sure she (and the neighbours girls) had a good breakfast so they were focused. Testing today is English, they know I will be disappointed if they don’t do well in this particular class. Hot peanut butter sandwiches should focus em right up! I packed her lunch and took a moment to pray over the three girls before kicking them all out to school. Gift knows that if she doesn’t do well she can’t stay here. Her father’s side of the family has spoken. But I have no fear, she studies hard and is a bright girl.
With Gift gone I was able to have my own bath and get ready for the day, good things happening today!
A while back I found a cream colored linen shirt in the market. It’s hard for me to find satin or linen that fits nicely but this top is one of my favourites! I would give you a photo but unfortunately I cannot. And I will tell you why.
Excitedly I pulled the soft airy linen over my head and felt instantly happy the way that it is tailored fits my shape well, at least I think it does, truth is I have only a 4 inch round mirror to judge my appearance. I started wearing things based on how it feels rather then how it looks (I highly recommend this).
I did a nonchalant look down, tucking my chin to my chest to insure that the shirt was not only on correctly but also to admire the summery linen. I noticed something…. something not right…. something too wrong.
Right across my bosom was a dark patch about the size of a 50 cent piece. It took a moment for my brain to process what my eyes were seeing.
A spiders kunumba (home).
As I watched the bag burst open and hundreds of tiny spiders poured out and began exploring their new world. The mother clearly tucked still within the nest.
“Get it off!”, half of my brain screamed while the other half yelled, “how!? It’s linen! There is no way to stretch it over your head! Your gonna put your face right in the nest if you try!”
Forced to smush the entire family into myself leaving a dark menacing streak across the front of my white top.
The urge to start a fire has subsided, replaced with laundry soap and frustration.
If you are not scratching at the imaginary spiders crawling over you, you are stronger than me.
Congratulations, spiders. You finally got to me. I always thought I was stronger than fearing spiders but I cant imagine my dreams tonight being void of this 8 legged horror.

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